Price List For Computer Repair
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We provide the most competitive repair price in Singapore

MEMORY RAM 2GB $60 $60
MEMORY RAM 4GB $100 $100
MEMORY RAM 8GB $160 $160
HDD 500GB/SSD 240GB + INSTALL OS $140 $160
HDD 1TB/SSD 480GB + INSTALL OS $200 $250
FAN FAULTY $120-$150 $150-$200
W-FI / NETWORK PROBLEM $100-$150 $100- $150
CHARGING PROBLEM $120 -$150 $120 -$180

Home & Office Computer Repair Services Singapore

Having issues with your home or office computers?
We can get your computer up and running smoothly again with
the Original PC Repair’s trusted computer repair and support services.

We understand how important your data is to you. A home or an office PC both hold the same importance and if any issues arise in your PC, your work comes to a standstill as well as you are a risk of losing all your precious data. Here is where PC Repair comes to your rescue.

We specialize in resolving any PC related issues be a software or a hardware issue. Above is a price-list for your reference that is the most affordable in town.

laptop DC Jack repair
laptop DC Jack repair
laptop blue screen of death
laptop blue screen of death
windows 10 blue screen of death
windows 10 blue screen of death
laptop liquid spill
laptop liquid spill
laptop with broken lcd
laptop with broken lcd
laptop keyboard replacement
laptop keyboard replacement
laptop not detecting hard drive and or operating system
laptop not detecting hard drive and or operating system
windows 7 black screen of death
windows 7 black screen of death
windows 10 start-up issues
windows 10 start-up issues
dusty and noisy laptop fan
dusty and noisy laptop fan

Top 10 Most Common Computer Problems

  • The Computer Won’t Start
  • The Screen is Blank
  • Abnormally Functioning Operating System or Software
  • Windows Won’t Boot
  • The Screen is Frozen
  • Computer is Slow
  • Strange Noises
  • Slow Internet
  • Overheating
  • Dropped Internet Connections

How does your service work?

Whether it’s a simple virus or an intermittent hardware problem, our technicians have the appropriate skills and experience to address a wide range of computer issues such as:

  • Computer malfunctions and breakdowns
  • Blue and black screens
  • Corrupted hard drives
  • Software and hardware upgrades
  • Spyware, Trojan and other virus attacks
  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Hackers stealing your files or data
  • Internet/Email connection troubleshooting

QUALITY ASSURANCE only uses top quality parts for PC repair services. we offer a 30-60-day warranty while all other repair services have a 30-day warranty.

We also offer fair PC repair price for all our service with no hidden costs. You can get the repair prices on our website by stating your device model and the main issue facing it. You can also call us at 8151 5155 for assistance.



“I couldn’t be happier with steven’s helpful friendly attitude, and his professional ability. is now my “go to” computer guy and I have and will recommended him to all who ask.”

– Gary Zentzis


“Steven has been more than fair. He looked at one laptop, recommended a place to send it, which I did.Wow!! It is fixed.Thanks so much!! Took a second laptop to Steven, he cleaned up the hard drive, updated a few files, and wow again. It is running like a dream!! Thanks again. “

– Mike Allen

PC Repair Centers at Punggol

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11.00am to 9.00pm Daily

Our Computer Repair Services

There are a number of reasons for a computer to stop functioning in its full capacity or completely. It is very important to diagnose the right reason behind it, which only the experts can do. You don’t have to look any further, we are experts in solving any computer-related problem that may arise. We provide the following PC services and beyond, reach out to us for a free PC consultation.

  1. Computer Lagging or Breakdown: We look into the real reason why your computer has become slow or is freezing on a regular basis or not starting at all. There could be ‘n’ number of reasons for the same. Leave it to our experts, who will find it and rectify it in no time.
  2. Non-functional Operating System (OS) or Software: If your OS or software are giving you a problem, contact us. We can either fix it or reinstall the latest version to get it back into action.
  3. Virus, Malware, Spyware and Adware removal: If you have a virus, spyware or any such malware in your PC, your data and PC are at a risk. We can help you remove it and protect your PC. We can also help you configure firewall & antivirus for any future threats.
  4. Data Recovery: In case you delete some important data by mistake or due to some system issues you lose your data, we can come to your rescue. We can easily recover your data either in its original location or on an external drive or even to the cloud.
  5. Internet, Network and Email configuration: Our experts can help you get connected to the digital world in a flash. We are there to resolve any issues related to the internet, network and email configuration.
  6. Hardware Issues: We can repair any hardware parts or replace them if required, like the motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphic cards, monitor screen, and chargers. We have ready stock for most of the brands and models. We use top-quality spare parts with a 3 months guarantee.
  7. Future Ready: A PC can be used for a number of years. Over the years your requirements keep changing. Our experts will advise you customized computer components upgrades based on your future requirements. We can upgrade your CPU, graphics cards, or increase the RAM size depending on your needs.

We not only take pride in the quality of our exceptional sales and services but also the great after-sales service that we provide. We offer a 30-60-day guarantee which is just 30 days by our competitors. We also make sure our customers understand what was the fault with their PC and how they can prevent it from happening again. Our friendly experts explain it in the simplest way possible so that anyone and everyone can understand.

You can drop in at our shop with your PC or fix an appointment for our technician to visit you at your office or home to have a look at your PC. We also provide a pick-up, repair and drop-off option for our valued customers. You are also most welcome to come and visit our workshop while your PC is being repaired to watch what’s being done, ask questions and understand how to get the most out of your computer.